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Good creative fuels action. 

Open communication catapults productivity.

These are Rare Oath's founding tenets. In addition to a deep devotion to brand stewardship and professional integrity, these tenets are the means by which our creative standards, operational approaches, and Transparency Code have been defined. 


How does that translate into the day-to-day experience of working with Rare Oath? It means our days are marked by great conversation, creative details, and enthusiastic, honest teamwork without ego. We are guided by a commitment to creating consistent, impactful, and genuine brand experiences and to making life easier for our clients and teammates. We strive to make recommendations that are sustainable and work that drives results. 

Meet Rare Oath's Collective Energists.


These day-to-day contacts strategize, schedule, coordinate, execute, and implement brand activity for Rare Oath clients. If you call Rare Oath, you can expect one of these pros to answer the phone. 






The Frequent Flyers

These individuals and firms contribute to Rare Oath client work on a weekly, monthly, or as-needed basis. Each brings a specialized expertise and genuine collaborative spirit to the table.

Point Connect

Yost SEO

Emilia Ricciuti

Maureen Lazar

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